Why Multifold ?

Our Augmented Reality solutions will supercharge
customer engagement and conversions



web is besT

Unlike Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore, which are app based, our solution works on the web. Our web based solution* helps to improve the customer experience, while simplifying integration and on-going system management.

  • No app download required - Don't complicate your conversion funnel.
  • Platform agnostic - Reach 100% of your customers. Compatible across iOS/Safari and Android/Chrome. Integrate and manage one solution across all platforms.
  • Launch from anywhere - Customers can access your AR experiences from your website, social media posts, email, catalogs, brick-and-mortar stores and more.
  • Simple integration - Insert less than 10 lines of code. Embed on your webpages or launch in a separate tab, so customers are not taken off your site.
  • Still works on apps - We can help to integrate our viewer onto your app too.

*Patent pending



Our solution was designed specifically to address the challenges and goals of online/offline retail, advertising and marketing. Our team understands your needs.

  • Suited for your product line - Selling a chair is different from selling shoes. Our solutions are product specific and make sense.
  • Elegantly designed - We look clean and professional next to your brand.
  • Not (that much) more work - Your teams are busy. Get the benefit of AR without double the work.
  • Test...measure...repeat - Built in analytics tools so you can make better decisions.  


All-in-one Solution

We have all the tools you will need in one integrated solution. Don't need it all? You can go a la carte as well.

  • All the AR tools you will need - 3D model creation, 3D editor and library, AR & 360 Viewer, marketing plug-ins, analytics suite and more.
  • Dashboard - Centralized workflow tools to manage the front-to-end process.
  • Seamless team hand-offs - Tracking and alert tools so teams can work efficiently and communicate.  


get started in less than 2 weeks

Integration is easy and it's simple to trial our products.

Sign up for your personal demo and ask our experts for more details on how to get started with AR in less than 2 weeks!